May 24, 2011

The Manhattan Hotel

This building is anchoring part of the Hexagonal Cell City at ScaleScape Studios

Cette tour est l'un des points d'ancrage de la Cité Hexagonale des Studios ScaleScape

ScaleScape Studios

Hexagonal cell of towers, part of the ScaleScape Studios model to be presented at Brickworld in Chicago, June 18 - 19, 2011

Cellule hexagonale formée par les tours des Studios ScaleScape. Le modèle sera présenté à Brickworld Chicago, les 18 et 19 juin, 2011

March 19, 2011

Scalescape Studios - Brickworld 2011 - Chicago

Scalescape Studios to be Presented at Brickworld 2011

The fifth edition of Brickworld will be held in Chicago starting June 15, 2011. This will be an opportunity for buildingxyz aka Michael Labelle, to present a cluster of micro buildings that will include six-foot high twin towers, the Icicle House, The Manhattan Hotel and Television City. More to come...
Scalesscape Studios sera présenté à Brickworld à Chicago, le 15 juin 2011. Buildingxyz acc. Michel Labelle aura la chance de présenter une création originale faite d'un ensemble de micro-buildings dont des tours jumelles de 1,8 mètres de haut, La Maison Glaçon, l'Hôtel Manhattan et Citétévé. À suivre...

February 24, 2011

Death Star Ornament by Chris McVeigh

'Tis not the season yet but I just found this cute Death Star! -
C'est pas de saison
encore mais je viens de trouver une jolie Étoile de la Mort.

February 9, 2011

Dark Augusto Armageddon-class Mother Ship by Jason Corlett

Ever since we saw the fighters pursuit above the surface of the Death Star in Star Wars we started to see that the intricate city shapes can be incorporated onto a starship. Jason Corlett created a fine example of "modern-day" spaceship with his Dark Augusto Armageddon-class Mother Ship. Visit his moc pages :
Depuis la fameuse poursuite au dessus de la Death Star dans La Guerre des Étoiles on a vu apparaître les textures d'éléments urbains sur plusieurs vaisseaux spatials. Jason Corlett a créé cet excellent exemple de vaisseau contemporain avec son Dark Augusto Armageddon-class Mother Ship. Visitez ses mocs à :

Dark Augusto Armageddon-class Mother Ship by Jason Corlett

February 1, 2011

Cottage by SoftRae

Stunning Realism. This is an example of great modeling and photography combined. The scale allow elements to be rendered with beautiful details. Visit pages with other amazing models of Victorian Houses, cottages and townhouses.

Cottage by SoftRae

January 27, 2011

Miniscale Parthenon by NeXTSTORM

Scale Up by Matija Grguric

Fine LEGO builder Matija Grguric from Croatia has created these original pieces by scaling up some of LEGO's basic bricks and accessories.  The result is amazing as anyone could be fooled by the perfect proportions. See the two examples below and visit Matija's pages for more impressive creations.

Scale Up by Matija Grguric

Scale Up by Matija Grguric

Microscale City by Paul Wellington

Wellington's microscale city is the perfect example of the modular city grid in expansion. SimCity-like quadrants each serving a particular function and displaying its own architectural vision. Vertical projection of bricks idealizing the urban power of development. Click picture to know more about the history and different scales used in designing miniature treasures.

Microscale City by Paul Wellington