August 25, 2009

Star Wars' Coruscant : A Favorite

The planet city of Coruscant is one of LEGO user’s recurring inspirational model.  There are many versions at different scales created by builders all over the World.  Here are three example if found noteworthy…

The Spires of Coruscant by Ron Praeger.  This is an on-going project for Ron where he makes constant changes including location changes for many smaller structures, some redesigns of small buildings, and several entirely new buildings.

Pepa Quin created models of specific buildings within Coruscant.  This model shows Padme’s Apartment with amazing details.

This is Gabriel Whittemore’s fourth version of Coruscant. Getting bigger and bigger.  This creation shows a high-density portion of the planet city.

August 19, 2009

The Ambassadeur Hotel was inaugurated officially as part of the QueLUG model city.

August 17, 2009

Giant models of The World Trade Center’s twin towers by Natalie Boucher were presented as part of a model city created by members of The Quebec LEGO User Group at the Canadian Railway Museum in Saint-Constant, QC last weekend.