June 18, 2009

A.T. stands for Architectural Talent when it relates to this fourteen year-old artist from Vancouver, Canada.  His LEGO creations are just like movie sets; realism with a clever gathering of urban elements worn out over time.  Notice the uneven gaps in the cinder blocks up on second floor… The lighting so believable.  Check out his other sculptural poems at http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/88910 PICTURE : STREET II by A.T. ©2009

June 16, 2009

The Pelican Ship

Pelican Ship Catches Attention

This is Michael Labelle’s first try at ship design.  This sturdy model has four retractable wings, a stylish glass hatch and shock absorbers.  It has been seen hanging between the Twin Towers and on the refrigerator’s door.

June 15, 2009

Here is one of Arthur Gugick’s latest architectural piece : Venice’s Rialto Bridge.  This model’s originality lies in the reflective effect of the image on the water’s surface. Classy touch.  This artist has also built Rome”s Coliseum, Paris’ Arc de Triomphe, The United States Capitol and the Taj Mahal among others.

In the look-at-the-size-of-this department : Malle Hawking’s Harry S. Truman Aircraft carrier has to be the largest LEGO model ever built (excluding the non-descript piles of multi-colored bricks often called towers)  The estimated brick count is 300 000; a real fortune in plastic was spent and its building almost cost the creator his marriage. This model was displayed at the Skaerbaek 2006 event in Denmark.

June 13, 2009

Full view of the Twin Towers nearing completion. Right; Detail of the East tower’s mid-section.

Shuttles Connect Twins Midway

The double-decked landing strip (see June 8, 2009 Post) or other bridges designed in the past are replaced today with two monorails traveling between the towers at a rate of one per minute.  Gone are the days when one had to dangerously walk across runways and brave the winds.  

A view of the rails and trains from above.  This simple design causes minimal obstruction of the skyscrapers’ sihouettes.

The landing wing of the West tower.

June 11, 2009

Is it a machine, a city, a shop, a power station, a studio set, a dream?…

Either way it is THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE by LEGO builder extraordinaire Nannan Z. one of my favorite work of this prolific designer.  The many styles and functions of his collection of work make him impossible to label except that of a visionary.

June 10, 2009

Photos showing the remodeling of the Towers’ base

Twin Towers' Base Remodeled

The ground and water access to the Twin Towers are now functional again.  Stair-shaped platforms were attached to the base creating entrances on two sides of each towers.  Also the three wings shaping the first fourteen floors of the hexagonal towers are almost completed.

June 9, 2009

“Nils Voelker is a talented communication designer with a knack for experiments. Recently he built a robot out of LEGO parts that is hanging from the ceiling on top of a pile of paper sheets drawing dots. It’s part of an art and design exhibition in the Netherlands.

The exhibition is about the way we look at things. While a visitor is looking at images of certain objects an eye-tracker records where exactly the viewer has just looked at.”

The comfort of plastic. A sunlit interior of the Water Tower House by Deborah Higdon. Visit here store “The Brique” where you will find an amazing variety of furniture.  Also a beautiful collection of original homes and gardens.

The Twin Towers in early 2009

Labor Omnia Vincit & Co Acquires Decaying Utopolis Property

The Empire Twin Towers were purchased directly from eEstate the Empire’s unreal estate arm. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed but source says the Empire was eager to unload the battered structures and were unusually accommodating.  The lower floors of the towers have been abandoned for years as all the commercial and communication activities were conducted at higher altitude, accessible only by air. Elements of the base are crumbling and many beams are just hanging from the structure although the graphite foundation core remains untouched. LOV says it plans a complete redesigning of the water and ground access and the reconstruction of the Tower’s lower floors.

June 8, 2009

Empire Takes Over World Financial Crash Twin Towers